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"My skin is very sensitive but this cleansing foam works very well for me."

Jeon Eun ***, 30s
Sensitive skin

"I’ve always had acne and sensitive skin so I changed my cleanser to A.Repair Mild Cleansing Foam. After using it for a week, the acne on my face seemed to have reduced and my face feels cleaner! I’ll keep using it!"

Kim Bo***, 20s
Combination skin with acne problems

"I finally tried using it today. Only a small amount is needed for thorough cleansing and it did not cause any irritation for me. It also contains natural ingredients such as cica extract which I prefer over artificial contents."

Woo ***, 40s
Sensitive skin

"I’ve always been using this skin lotion. My daughter in middle school also uses it with me as it is very mild and suitable for her skin."

Kim Young ***, 40s
Dry and sensitive skin

"My skin was becoming drier day by day, no matter what I applied, it became dry again after a few hours and I was very worried about it. I tried A.Repair Cream for a couple of days and the dryness seemed to reduce. Cellapy products seem to be suitable for my skin, I bought a couple of other products under the same series as well."

Park Ji ***, 30s
Combination skin

"This toner and emulsion have been the essentials for my skin and my fiancé’s skin for years – I always have a spare set ready to be used at home."

Kim Sun ***, 30s
Dry and sensitive skin

"I’ve only tried Cellapy’s toner previously but I changed to a different brand some time ago and started having rashes on my face. So I switched back to Cellapy and after a while the rashes were gone and my healthy skin returned. I only apply the emulsion in the morning, it’s very light and fresh, I love it very much. I will continue to use Cellapy in the future!"

Kim Shin ***
Sensitive skin

"Great cream! I have combination skin and it worked great! It helps to soothe my skin and calm my skin especially when it’s irritated for whatever reason. If you have used products with Centella Asiatica Extract before and worked well, this is a great one to try!"

Hye Lee
Combination skin

"This stuff is magical! It took only 2 days and this stuff cleared up my skin problems completely! Very happy that I took a chance and will very likely roll the dice on some of their other products as well."

Matthew Cakora

"My skin is super sensitive. I like Cellapy’s A.Repair Cream very much so I looked up their Essence and bought it too. After cleansing, I use a cotton pad to gently wipe the essence over my entire face. It’s very mild and does not cause any irritation."

Shin Mi ***, 30s
Combination and sensitive skin

"I’ve used over 5 bottles of this essence. I think it helps to rectify skin texture and exfoliate the skin better than a toner. My skin looks a lot softer!"

Yoon Su ***, 20s
Combination skin

"I use this all the time! It’s good for skin soothing. Recommended for sensitive skin types."

Yun So ***, 30s
Normal and sensitive skin

"It suits my sensitive skin. Also, it’s dermatologist approved, so it has won my trust! I apply this at night, right after toner, and the next day my skin would be really smooth."

Amazon Customer

"I’ve been using this cream for 3 years, my skin is extremely sensitive, oiliness over the T-zone, dryness over the U-zone. I used to use typical skincare products that are said to be good for consumers in their late twenties and ended up going to dermatologist centres a lot. Tried everything from luxury brands to roadside shops but found nothing as gentle and trouble-free as A.Repair."

Lee Hee ***, 20s
Sensitive and oily skin combination

"I bought this along with the cream. Wasn’t expecting anything but I was surprised, it’s really good for the summer season. I like to wet my cotton pads with this toner and place them on my face to use as a moisturising mask, as I think mask packs are too bothersome. I’ll continue to use it with their cream!"

Song Hye ***, 20s
Normal skin

"The price is super worthy for this large amount. The finishing is more refreshing than I expected. It has a watery texture and it’s very light so the absorption is really good!"

Hwan Ee, 20s
Combination skin

"My skin became moisturised after using this so I bought a couple more in advance to stock up at home."

Jeon Ji ***, 40s
Combination skin

"I’m already buying this for the second time! It’s mild and lighter than the other series, but still very moisturising. It’s good to be used in summer and autumn, I’m going to get this for my friend’s birthday!"

Jo Hwa ***, 20s
Normal skin

"I don’t change the skin care products I use easily because I have really sensitive skin, but I saw good reviews for this product so I took a chance to try it and I am really satisfied with it! My skin is normally quite dry and I try to use high moisturizing products but I don’t like how heavy and oily it normally feels, so I try to look for milder products and tried this. It’s really light and yet very moisturizing!"

Mi***, 30s
Dry and Sensitive Skin

"Bought it to use it with my child. It’s really mild, gentle and moisturizing. I like it very much."

Cha Yoon ***, 40s
Dry Skin

"I bought it to use it as a body lotion but now I apply it on my face as well. It’s very moisturizing but not sticky, very satisfied with the product. I will definitely repurchase!"

Shim Eun ***, 30s
Dry Skin

"I’ve been using this for two weeks. The formulation is refreshing and the product is quick to be aborbed. My skin seems to be less dull now. I plan to use it consistently."

Jo Mi, 40s
Combination skin

"I use other Cellapy products as well but I really like this Agi Toning Cream, it helped correct and brighten my skin tone. It’s also light and moist when applied. I’ll continue to use this cream."

Jung Hye ***

"Satisfied! Works great for a toning ampoule. I think it also helped soothe my skin. When I use other whitening products, I normally start to have different skin troubles, but I had no problems with this!"

Nei ***

"It’s great for all seasons. Even better, it comes with a little spatula."

Min Eun ***, 20s

"I think this is my tenth purchase. The application is very smooth, I think it has a little tone up effect when used before foundation. It’s also not greasy which is great for all seasons!"

Park Mi ***, 30s
Combination Skin

"This is my favorite sunscreen of all time~ I like the creamy texture, it’s not oily and sticky at all. I will definitely use it consistently in the future"

Moon Mi ***, 30s
Dry Skin

"I’ve been only using this sunscreen product since a couple of years ago~ It’s mild and gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation on my skin. Doesn’t leave a white residue like some of the other sunscreens out there as well, love it!"

Hwang Mi ***, 40s
Dry Skin

"Fast and easy absorption, skin is not oily when waking up the next day. The Cica fragrance is really nice, texture is not greasy, I’m ready to repurchase this product."

Tmall customer_x*****b
Oily and acne-prone skin

"Pretty good. The spot was still red and swollen yesterday but today it is obviously less painful."

Chinese customer

"I have sensitive skin but in order to prevent skin troubles I bought this cleansing foam. It’s very refreshing after cleansing, I’m very satisfied."

Ju Jun ***, 40s
Combination skin

"I use this essence in the place of toners and it works just as well, if not better!"

Han Song ***

"If you apply the essence on cotton pads and place it on your skin like a mask, it helps to reduce skin redness. Recommended for those with oily skin type and skin redness."

Park Ji ***, 20s
Oily and acne-prone skin

"The effect on oily and acne-prone skin is very good. My face was still very red yesterday but it has obviously cleared up a little today. It is worth recommending."

Chinese customer

"This is my third purchase, I bought two more. I have a lot of skin problems but after using Cellapy, I can live without worrying about skin troubles."

Bae Min, 20s
Oily combination skin

"The texture is quite moisturising, hydrating effect is good. Only need 1/3 of the usual cream amount to apply over the entire face. I’m using it with Red Cica Conditioning Cream, the calming effect is pretty good!"

Tmall customer

"My skin troubles are gone after using this product. It’s really good. I’m using this with A.Repair Cell Treatment Essence, even though I’m not sure if this regime is suitable, but people around me are telling me that my complexion has brightened up."

Im Sun ***

"I get really worried whenever I get acne, so I tried this product. After using it, I think its calming effect is really good. I’m satisfied!"

Choi Bo ***, 30s
Acne-prone skin

"I often used nose strips which ended up causing my pores to become larger and sebum secretion become more serious. I applied this cream 2-3 times in order to reduce my pores and skin sebum and… I was surprised! I can no longer see the shiny grease on my nose."

Seo Hyun ***,40s
Oily combination skin

"Bought it for my youngest daughter – her skin easily becomes red and occasionally gets pimples due to puberty. But whenever she uses this, the problem is quickly corrected in a couple of days. She likes this product very much"

Lee Seung ***
Oily and Sensitive Skin

"If used consistently for a couple of days when skin troubles arises, it’s really effective at calming and soothing the skin problems!"

Yu Jin ***, 20s
Combination and Troubled Skin

"I think it really helps control my acne break outs. Very satisfied and will continue to use it in the future!"

Seo Ju ***, 20s
Combination and Troubled Skin

"I don’t cleanse my skin well normally, so I had a lot of built up dead skin cells and acnes, but this bubble cleanser is really mild and good for my skin! The pump makes it really easy and convenient to use too!"

Min Ji ***, 20s
Dry and Sensitive Skin

"This is my favorite cleanser of all time! My skin is really thin, sensitive and easily irritated so I avoid cleansing it too much, but this bubble cleanser is really mild and gentle. It’s not only suitable for acne-prone skin, it’s also effective for skin with white heads and black heads. My skin condition became a lot better after using this. I am very satisfied with Dr.Zium!"

Kim Ji ***, 20s
Sensitive and Troubled skin

"I bought this for my daughter in puberty who experiencing a lot of break outs. She likes the product very much and we are both very satisfied with the results. Highly recommended!"

Jeong Min ***

"The texture is really light and translucent. Very moisturizing, quick to absorb and non-sticky. I use it all year long, the results are not immediate in the next day, but after using for a week, my acnes are gone and relieved of pain."

Tmall customer

"I’ve been using this for years, it’s really good for acne-prone skin. I believe in Cellapy."

_Kwon Min ***, 30s
Acne-prone skin

"This is the fourth year I’ve been consistently using this product. All my acnes are almost completely gone while I’ve been using this! Now I can’t use any other products apart from this."

_Kim Moon ***, 20s
Acne-prone skin

"Helped my son with his acne. Only needed to use small amounts of it while it lasted."

Baum ***
Acne-prone skin

"The application is great. I have dry combination skin but I don’t like using creams that are too heavy. This is great as it’s really light and it feels like the moisturizing creams for summer. Absorption is fast and good too!"

Ga Eun, 20s
Dry Combination and troubled skin

"My skin condition was really bad before I started using the Dr.Zium series. When I first started using this cream, my breakouts and redness were soothed but after using it consistently, I realized that even my scars were lightened! I apply this cream all over the entire face and then apply the conditioning cream on the acnes. Normally my face feels really dry when I apply creams that are meant to soothe acnes but this product is really moisturizing!"

Eun Hee, 20s
Sensitive and Acne-prone Skin

"I like how mild it is as it does not contain any alcohol content or fragrance. The main ingredient here is Centella Asiatica Extract. It causes no irritation when used, unlike the other products that I’ve tried which may sometimes cause redness. This is great for people with acne-prone skin like me"

_Wen, 20s
Acne-prone skin

"This is a very mild and gentle conditioning cream for pimples. It doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort, but it is very effective at relieving pimples especially closed comedo around the chin area. I apply it every day and night and the comedo is gone around 3 days. Most importantly it really doesn’t cause any irritation for sensitive skin like me!"

Qing ***
Acne-prone skin


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