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Leave skin feeling cool and refreshed with Dr.zium, our solution for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Dr.zium relieves acne-prone skin with a combination of plant extracts, hydrolyzed collagen, and salicylic acid that soothes sensitivity while creating a moisturising barrier to lock moisture in.

Dr.zium ingredient Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica

Dr.zium ingredient Apple Extract

Apple Extract

Dr.zium ingredient Propolis Extract

Propolis Extract

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Whitens skin and
corrects wrinkles

Dr.zium formula icon 2

Soothes and calms
acne-prone skin

Dr.zium formula icon 3

Maintains skin’s
oil-water balance

Dr.Zium Complex™

Dr.zium Formula

Calms and relieves sensitive and acne-prone skin while protecting skin from external stimulus

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Step 1

All Clear Bubble Cleanser

Step 2


Step 3

All Clear Ampoule

Step 4

All Clear Cream

Step 5

Dr.Zium All Clear
Conditioning Cream

Step 6



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